The company Whatever, Whenever Wherever - ADDICT which headquarters is located in Abidjan Cocody les rosiers programme 2 House 10, registered in the Trade Register and Abidjan Companies under number RCS Abj-CI-2009-A-4890, its trade name is 3W or WHATEVER WHENEVER WHEREVER, and is specialized in the organization of the sale, by third parties, of services or products to its subscribed customers on one hand, and the organization of events on the other hand.
Once "Subscribed" under the conditions hereafter, the Purchaser can make his request by phone, fax or email, for the acquisition of a product or the performance of a service via Whatever Whenever Wherever.
3W Company thus acts as a mere intermediary in relations between the subscriber, the (buyers) and the suppliers of goods or services providers (vendors).

These General Terms of Sale available on the website are systematically transmitted to each subscriber to allow them to order.
Consequently, any order placed by the subscriber wins his support without restriction, to these general terms of Sale which prevail over any other documents (leaflets, catalogs ... issued by 3W).
Any other condition opposed by the subscriber will be, in the absence of prior acceptance by 3W, ineffective against the company, regardless of when it may have been brought to its attention.
If 3W does not promptly prevails itself of any provision of these General Terms of Sale, this tolerance cannot be interpreted as a renunciation to prevail itself later of any of those conditions.
The subscriber states to have taken knowledge and accepted these following Terms of Sale before placing any order for products or services.

Everyone should subscribe by phone or on the website to place order to 3W.
(a) The subscription can be made online or by phone.
In any case, the future subscriber must disclose his/her identity and contact information when registering on the website or by phone.
Once the information provided, the future subscriber is contacted in the minimum period of 24 hours by a concierge for the final registration.
(b) Three subscriptions to choose:
(I) A subscription called "ADDICT ME 24"
This individual subscription, of one-year term, gives the possibility to the subscriber to have unrestricted access to the services of 3W, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  In full transparency, the subscriber is put in direct relationship with providers selected by the concierge from an exceptional address book.
The subscriber will have to pay an amount of three million XOF per year by check or cash (annual payment).
(II) A subscription called " ADDICT ME 12"
This individual subscription, of one-year term, gives the possibility to the subscriber to access the services of 3W, 5 days out of 7, from 9:00am to 09:00pm. The subscription fee amounts to one million two hundred thousand XOF per year payable by check or cash (annual payment).
(III) A subscription "Corporate A"
This offer is intended for companies wishing to treat with all care important people: employees, partners or customers who require VIP treatment.
This subscription of one year, gives the opportunity for the company to have access to services of 3W, 5 days out of 7, from 8:00 am to 10:00pm. The subscription fee amounts to five million XOF per year payable by check or cash (annual payment).
(C) Termination
Failing to the subscriber to terminate the contract within a minimum period of one month before the contract expiry date by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, the subscription will be renewed from year to year.
Upon termination, the subscriber will remain liable for the amount of the subscription remaining to its minimum duration. There will be no refund.
In case of non-payment by the customer  of his/her subscription to the agreed deadlines, 3W may proceed with the termination of the subscription contract without any compensation of any kind will be put to him.
In case of non-use of services related to subscription, no refund of the subscription may be requested.

To place orders and inquire about products or services offered by the company Whatever Whenever Wherever - ADDICT, the subscriber can use the different means below:
- By Internet, on the secure client area assigned to each subscriber;
- By telephone or on the phone number of his / her concierge presented during his subscription or at +225 43 41 41 43 and +225 22 43 15 03;
- By mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(a) Rules applicable to orders in general
Before ordering, the subscriber must put at the disposal of 3W his member number, personal or work address, email address, telephone number and / or fax, which will enable 3W to contact him very quickly.
Orders for products or services by the subscriber through telephone, electronic mail shall be sent to suppliers via 3W.
(b) Order confirmation by 3W
Every order will be confirmed to the subscriber by 3W via email on the internet space under the topics "my requests" or via fax as soon as possible.
This confirmation will include:
- The listed order number;
- The nature of the product or service ordered;
- The quantity of the product or service ordered;
- Delivery of the product or service ordered;
- The method of delivery of the product or service ordered;
- Conditions of cancellation
(c) Acceptance of the order by the subscriber
In case the order amount exceed five hundred thousand (500,000) XOF, the subscriber will necessarily confirm in writing (fax, email or on the Internet space assigned to the subscriber by 3W) and within 48 hours his acceptance to 3W.
These orders will be final only after reception, by 3W, of the written acceptance of the subscriber
(d) Follow-up of the order
The subscriber will be able to proceed to the follow-up, stage by stage, of his order on the Internet space which is assigned to him by 3W, under the topic “my requests”.
3W will transmit to him, if necessary, all useful information inherent to the order and in particular:
- Reservation numbers (restaurant, hotel, ticket),
- The dates, times and places of departure and arrival (transport, travel),
- The address of the hotel (travel / tourism).
(e) Shortage of available stock or services at suppliers and service providers
Every order is subjected to the availability of stocks and services at the suppliers and services providers.
The subscriber will be contacted and alternative solutions will be proposed to him as soon as possible in case:
- of stock shortage of the ordered product;
- of Unavailability of the ordered services;
- of modification of the nature of the product or service ordered ;
- of modification in the cost of the service or product ordered by the subscriber;
- of modification in the cost of the service or product indicated by 3w to the subscriber;
- of modification of the delivery period specified by 3w to the subscriber.
Proposed replacement solutions will be implemented upon receipt of a written agreement returned by the subscriber.
In the event that no replacement solutions would be found or accepted by the subscriber within 5 working days, the company 3W will proceed with the outright cancellation of the order. No Compensation will be put to the charge of 3W by the subscriber of this fact.
In the event that a payment was made, and unless the replacement solution found was totally different from the order of the subscriber, the latter would be directly refunded by 3W or the supplier in case of cancellation of the order.
(f) Personal Order
The benefit of the order is personal to the subscriber and cannot be transferred to the benefit of a third party without the express prior consent of 3W.
(g) Modification of the order by the subscriber
Any modification or cancellation of order made by the subscriber will have to intervene within a maximum of two working days to be considered by 3W that will appreciate depending on the nature of the products or services.
In any event, any modification or cancellation of order by the subscriber is subject to the express acceptance of 3W.
Assuming that 3W refuse to proceed with the modification or cancellation of the order requested by the subscriber:
- The cost of the order would remain owing by the subscriber;
- The amounts already paid by the subscriber (price or payment) would in no way be returned to him

(a) The price of the order:
Products and services will be charged on the basis of precisely specified rates in XOF and inclusive of taxes, upon confirmation of the order by 3W.
(b) Payment terms of order
The subscriber will directly pay 3W by check or cash upon receipt of the invoice issued on the date of the order or rather on the day of delivery.
Payment may be made by other means, subject to mutual consent of both parties.
(c) Late payment
Any amount not paid when due, will legally and without prior notice, shall bear late payment penalties of 1.5% per month, and also the application of default interest at the legal rate.
In case of late payment by the subscriber (s), orders or ongoing deliveries may be without prior notice or prejudice of any compensation and / or course of action.
(d) Failure to pay
Failure to pay an invoice when due authorized 3W to cancel orders or delivery in progress, without prior notice or prejudice of any compensation and / or way of action and without prejudice to the recovery of sums due from the subscriber.

(a) The delivery terms
The conditions of delivery of the product or service ordered will be fixed by written confirmation sent to the subscriber by 3W.
Delivery by 3W, of the products ordered by the subscriber (e) does not in any way presume that the sale is made by 3W which only acts as an intermediary in relations between the subscriber and suppliers.
(b) Delivery
The delivery will be indicated in the written confirmation sent to the subscriber 3W.
Despite the care taken in strict compliance with agreed deadlines, 3W cannot be held responsible for damages caused by a delay in the delivery of a product or service.
The non-compliance with agreed delivery will result in any compensation of any kind whatsoever borne by 3W.

In accordance with Article L.121-20 of the Consumer Code, the subscriber has a period of two (2) days to exercise his right to withdraw from 3W, and from the receipt, for goods, or the acceptance of the offer for services.
When the period of two (2) days expires on Saturday, Sunday or on holiday, it is extended to the next business day.
This right of withdrawal may be exercised without any reasons or pay penalties, except, where applicable, the cost of return.
It may lead to either an exchange or a refund from 3W.
In any case, no return, exchange or refund will be accepted after a period of two (2) days of delivery for goods, or by the acceptance of the offer for services.
The shipping and return costs are the sole responsibility of the subscriber and only the product, or service purchased will be refunded by the supplier.
Only products returned in perfect condition and on time will be exchanged or refunded. Products returned incomplete, damaged or soiled will not be returned or exchanged.
The returns should be made at 3W address:
- Will be stated in the written confirmation that can be sent by the company 3W to the subscriber following the acceptance of the quote,
- Will be provided upon request to 3 w customer services by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
This right of withdrawal does not apply to services related to tourism, or goods made on consumer's specifications or clearly personalized or which, due to their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire quickly.

Suppliers of 3W Company will retain ownership of the products until full payment.
The products ordered will travel to the risks and dangers of the subscriber, no exceptions can be made to this rule. In case of damage, loss or missing, it is up to the subscriber to handle it with the carrier.
3W, as a mere intermediary, will, in any event, exempt from any liability relating to the transport and delivery of the product or service ordered.

The subscriber expressly admits 3W, as a broker and generally mere intermediary, is only held to an obligation of means.
3W cannot therefore incur for any reason; no compensation of any kind, only the supplier's responsibility may be engaged.
The subscriber will therefore be directly in contact with the service or product provider concerned for any claim or compensation for any other claim relating to the product or service ordered through 3W to claim compensation.
3W is exempt from any liability for the execution of the contract of sale and delivery of ordered products and services.
3W may transmit to the supplier the letters of complaint sent by the subscriber.
In any case, 3W cannot be held responsible for breach of its obligations in case of force majeure as defined by the Civil Code, including cases of total or partial strike, flood, fire, computer failure, etc. (Not exhaustive).

Under the Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978, the subscribers have a right of access, rectification and opposition to personal data concerning them.
The subscriber should make the request to 3W, online or by mail, stating his name and address.

3W is an Ivorian law firm. The law applicable to the contractual relationship is exclusively Ivorian law.

Any legal dispute concerning the interpretation and implementation of the general conditions of sale is subject to Ivorian law. Failing amicable resolution, the legal dispute will be brought before the competent civil courts.